Books are an endless source of wisdom and knowledge. In an age where books are ever more neglected, Lectures Chrétiennes seeks to bring them out of the shadows of digital medias. Not just for the sake of books, but above all for the sake of what reading produces in us. Thus, through Lectures Chrétiennes, I desire to share my readings with the wealth they hold to edify, encourage reflection, maybe even arouse in you a desire to read.

The books reviewed here are mainly Christian books that I have enjoyed and highly recommend. This does not exclude the occasional more negative review, or books dealing with subjects other than the Christian faith.

“Lectures Chrétiennes” does not only refer to the object of reading being of a Christian nature. The title also implies that the act of reading (and by extension reviewing) itself, is a Christian act, independent of the nature of the book is. It is through the prism of my faith that I read and review these works.

The desire of my heart is that Lectures Chrétiennes will give to you as well the desire to pick up a good book, sit down, and read.

Pierre-Yves Koenig